The Beyond

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The Concept

The Beyond is a social mud for transhumanists that takes it's name from Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep (thanks to Sean Morgan for the suggestion).

How To Connect

Use telnet or preferrably a mud client to connect to on port 9999. You will get a screen that looks something like this:

     *** T H E  B E Y O N D ***

Welcome to the realm of transhumanity...

 Type 'connect <name> <password>' to login.
 Type 'connect guest guest' to have a look around.
 Type 'create <name> <password>' to create a new character.
 Type 'who' to see who is logged in.
 Type 'quit' to disconnect now.
Follow the instructions: connect as a guest to have a look around or create a new character.

How To MOO

Once you are in, the most useful command to get started is 'help'. This is what you would see if you typed 'help intro':
Showing help on `introduction':


The Beyond is a kind of virtual reality, in which players move about
from place to place manipulating their environment in what we hope are
amusing, entertaining, or enlightening ways.

The Beyond is more of a pastime than a game in the usual sense; there is
no `score' kept, there are no specific goals to attain in general, and
there's no competition involved.  The Beyond participants explore the
virtual world, talk to the other participants, try out the weird gadgets
that others have built, and create new places and things for others to
encounter and enjoy.

Most commands have the form of simple English sentences:

    <verb>  <direct object>
    <verb>  <direct object>  <preposition>  <indirect object>

Don't use English articles (e.g. 'a', 'an', or 'the') in your commands;
the MOO won't understand them.  You can refer to yourself as 'me' and
the room you're in as 'here'.

The first five kinds of commands you'll want to know are listed below.
Type 'help ' for details on any of them:

look -- getting a description of the current room or any other object
say -- speaking to the other players in the same room as you
@who -- showing which players are currently connected to the MOO
movement -- how to move around in the MOO, from room to room
@quit -- disconnecting from the MOO
If you have any questions, try paging me ('page DavidMc') or send me mail ('@send DavidMc').

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