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Nanotechnology - Nonfiction
Addition to nonfiction bibliography

It is suprising to me that the only nonfiction technical
reference books ever noted in such listings is the
ubiquitous collection of Drexler books.

Nanotechnology, i.e., the mechanical manipulation of molecules
and molecular substrates as an assembly process, as well as
parallel realms such as protein and pseudo-protein structures,
bacteriophage and other organelle components, and a myriad
of related technologies such as molecular deposition and
photo-reactive molecular tethering fabrication processes,
covers a vastly wider range of relevant and nano-specific
developments beyond the narrow niche of "Drexlerian"
theoretical diamondoid substrate machine components.

To that end, I suggest as an example some of the following books:

Nanotechnology-Research and Perspectives
B C Crandall and James Lewis ISBN# 0 262 03195 7

Designing in the Molecular World
Phillip Ball ISBN# 0 691 00058 1

CyberLife - see chapter Nanotechnology, the Next Revololution
Charles Ostman ISBN# 0 672 30491 0

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> Non-Fiction books on nanotechnology
>1986 Engines of Creation K. Eric Drexler
>1991 Unbounding the Future K. Eric Drexler, et al.
>1992 Nanosystems - Molecular
> Machinery, Manufacturing,
> and Computation K. Eric Drexler

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