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Paul Neumann (gonzo@magi.com)
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Here's an author who has used nanotech in two of his published novels:

Robert J. Sawyer


Title: _Foreigner_
Publisher/ed: Ace, 1994
ISBN 0-441-00017-7

Third book in the Quintaglio Ascension, the trilogy is set in a world of
sentient dinosaurs going through their version of the Renaissance. An alien
artifact is discovered and their scientists go to work trying to solve its
riddle. At the same time, it's discovered that their world is doomed. A
race to achieve flight capability is undertaken.
The artifact, made of an unknown material, is activated, and begins
to exhibit behaviour ascribed to nanotechnology.

Proposed N-SF List rating: **


Title: _The Terminal Experiment_
Publisher/ed: Harper Prism, 1995
ISBN: 0-06-105310-4

This story was also serialized in Analog as "Hobson's Choice".

Nanotechnology is mentioned in numerous parts of this novel. A nanotech
process is mentioned on how to fortify the human skull to prevent damage.
Also, if I remember correctly, the main character, a medical engineer, used
nanotech to develop a super EKG machine that is able to map the human mind.
A side discovery using this technology involves the discovery of the "soul
wave". The soul wave controversy includes various hilarious and often
interesting ethical (and such) dilemmas.

IMHO, _The Terminal Experiment_ is RJS's best fiction thus far. Other
interesting aspects in the story deal with duplication and editing of the
human mind. On the whole, the story is somewhat of a murder mystery set in
the quite-near-future.

Proposed N-SF List rating: **1/2


I hope you find these stories relevant to the N-SF List, and enjoyable as well!

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