Nanotechnology in Science Fiction V2.0 additions

D. E. Bath (
Thu, 7 Dec 95 17:28:02 CST

An episode of the New Outer Limits is mentioned, but has no info.
Here is the info:

"The New Breed" 7/09/95

A scientist who's trying to find a way to repair damaged cells
develops robots of microscopic size - with which a lab assistant
secretly injects himself in hopes of curing his cancer.

[viewer warnings] [V AL N]
[Guest Starring]
Richard Thomas {Stephen Leadbetter}
Peter Outerbridge {Andy Groenig}
Tammy Isbell {Judy Leadbetter}
Written by Grant Rosenberg
Directed by Mario Azzopardi
L. Harvey Gold Dr. Merritt
Veena Sood Dr. Katzman