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Thu, 15 Feb 1996 21:47:56 -0700

>Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 16:29:22 -0500
>From: Rachel Colvard <>
>Subject: Infiltration of Nanotechnology into everyday life...
>Newsgroups: sci.nanotech
>I've been lurking on this newsgroup for close to three years now...
>I've noticed that as more and more people become aware of the existance
>of nanotechnology they tend to focus on the negative side of some theories.
>The gray-goo theory in particular. I thought that this might be a point
>of interest to some to know that it's now made it's way into cartoons.
>Being the 'starving college student' that I am I follow certain
>traditions that I've not outgrown yet... i.e. running home after class
>to watch cartoons. I like Gargoyles tops. The had an episode last week
>where the bad guys created this grey goo which developed it's own AI.
>The rest of the episode was devoted to the good guys trying to persuade
>this new AI that it would be a bad idea to take over the earth. The
>goodguys won because they convinced it to take up the cause of 'Law and
>Order'. Once the AI decided that this was cool everything was peachy.
>I've never posted to a news group before so please feel free to flame me.
>I just thought that this would be a bit a trivia some would like to know
>about. I've also been watching this debate here on the subject of
>effects on the human culture if people didn't have to 'work' anymore.
>I think that most people would tend to try to better their minds as well
>as their bodies. I say most people because all people are not this way
>and you cannot expect every human being to fit nicely and neetly into a
>bell curve. That is just not human nature. It is, however, human nature
>to question things and find out what makes them tick. I believe that we
>would have a lot of questions to answer even if nanotechnology goes that
>far. I also believe that for every question we answer that it will lead
>us to ask at least ten more. I think that it will be an exciting time to
>live in and in a way we are already half way there.
>I would like to believe in the good in people, the questioner inside all,
>and the drive to always know what seems like forbidden knowledge. If
>people no longer have to be concerned with such mundane things as where
>is my next meal comming from and where am I going to spend the night then
>they will definitely need something else to fill the time. Also, who
>cares what it is as long as you are happy doing it. That goes for these
>times as well as the future. This probably sounds terribly idealistic to
>all you cynics out there but then again I'm just a 22-year-old kid who
>probably watches too much Star Trek anyways.
>Happy hunting,
>Rachel Colvard
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