n-sf: Voyager Web site

Mark Bishop (mbishop@dial.pipex.com)
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 11:32:53 +0000

I work at harperCollinsPublishers UK which has the Voyager science
fiction & fantasy imprint. Voyager authors include Aldiss, Asimov,
Clarke, Eddings, Feist, Gibson, Tolkien, Wurts and many more.

Voyager has recently launched a web site which is run as a weekly
magazine with news, interviews, features, contests, discussions and
links to other sites. The site is best viewed under Netscape 2.0 and is
available at http://www.harpercollins.co.uk/voyager

I was wondering whether you'd be interested in linking to the site? I
look forward to hearing back from you. If you're happy to link to us,
I'll put a link back in our LaunchPad section of the Voyager site.

Best wishes

Mark Bishop
Manager of Online Services
HarperCollinsPublishers UK