Re: virus: Let it begin

Duane Daniel Hewitt (
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 11:32:23 -0700 (MST)

On Fri, 3 Mar 1995, David McFadzean wrote:

> It may even be useful to start with "Virus should be an interesting part
> of the WWW" because that entails a well-thought-out and well-presented network
> of related ideas.

At what level are these ideas going to be presented? Are they going to be
high level practical applications or will they be the basic tenets of Virus?
Upon reflection, I think we should become "Extropy, Canada". It would be
a good vehicle. Could I get some issues of Exponent and Extropy to go
over so I can think about it some more? I think the key to screening out
cranks is to maintain a high level of interest among non-cranks. How
exactly we could accomplish this will entail further discussion.

Hey, are we doing practical implementation now. ;->.

Duane Hewitt
(Initiate of Virus)