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Wed, 9 Aug 95 09:12 PDT

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>Subject: Re: Last reply
>>Sorry, I had to write you once more, and just say that I am sorry that you
>>are so decieved, and I will use the term that you humanists love to use
>How can you accuse us of being "close-minded" when you won't even read the
books that have been omitted from the Bible that you profess is the truth?
You haven't examined the origins of the Bible or found out why certain parts
were left out.
>>We shall see who is right when I am enjoying heaven, and
>>the humanists are still fighting over things.
>It is hard to determine who is more unforgiving and vengeful - God or Satan.
>> I can't believe of all
>>people, that you will only listen to one side of the issue. To bad, I
>>thought I had met a scientist.
>We explore both sides of an issue objectively and then make up our mind.
You can't determine the truth without testing the veracity of statements and
doing a thorough examination of all the principals. We would be foolish to
accept just one version of an ancient book as the truth.
>We only hope to dispell ignorance and ask people to examine their beliefs
thoroughly. If these beliefs can't stand up to such examination then
obviously there is something wrong with that system of beliefs or they are
untrue. Believing that something is true, doesn't make it true. There are
mental hospitals filled with people whose belief system is off.
>Wishing you peace and enlightenment.