RE: virus: What to do with fundamentalists?

Deron Stewart (
Wed, 09 Aug 95 13:16:00 PDT

Although some religions like Islam and Christianity have been successful
converting the masses, I am inclined to think that the appeal of Virus will
be more select. The religious opiate of simple answers to complex questions
will not be easily supplanted for people with idle minds and/or content
hearts by Virus' rational approach.

Virus can have enormous effect even with smaller numbers of course precisely
because of it's appeal to rational and intelligent minds. This is elitist
sounding, I suppose -- Is Virus supposed to ultimately appeal to all?

Virus would no doubt become corrupt if it ever became a mass movement just
as all previous enlightened movements have, but it could still potentially
evolve to world domination in this altered form. Would that be considered a
success? Is there a goal in mind?

I never envisioned Virus to be an evangelical religion. Does the lack
of proselytizing put us at a severe disadvantage with religions
that do?