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>Hello again,
>Yeah it is me,
>I didn't know if you wanted a reply or not, but here goes (You might find
>that I agree with you):
>>>Sorry, I had to write you once more, and just say that I am sorry that you
>>>are so decieved, and I will use the term that you humanists love to use
>>How can you accuse us of being "close-minded" when you won't even read the
>>books that have been omitted from the Bible that you profess is the truth?
>>You haven't examined the origins of the Bible or found out why certain
>>were left out.
>First, how do you know I haven't researched the origins of the Bible?
>You cannot pin me for not reading the history of the Bible or bible, when
>you refuse to look into anything to do with Creation Science that is written
>from it's perspective. The perspective on Creation is just as valid as
>Evolutions perspective.
>It also just so happens that I have two books at home right now that I
>checked out of the library: Science and Earth History (A unbiased view at
>Evolution vs. Creation) by Stahler (a person commited to neither side). The
>other book, Origins by Richard Leakey (Sound firmiliar? A famous
>evolutionist). I am doing my homework, and trying my hardest to fairly
>evaluate both sides of the issue! I am even evaluating sides that have been
>tossed long ago.
>>>We shall see who is right when I am enjoying heaven, and
>>>the humanists are still fighting over things.
>>It is hard to determine who is more unforgiving and vengeful - God or
>Is it? God said that there is only one thing he will not forgive, and that
>is the blaspheming the Holy Spirit, of which you don't have to worry about
>right now. What do you want, God to come and hug you and say poor baby, it's
>okay, I understand you have no discipline, go ahead and keep being bad?
>(Would a parent do that?) No, He said that if a person comes to Him and
>admits his wrong, He will be "faithful and just to forgive them", and He
>will give the person the strength and discipline to live a righteous life!
>As for vengence, God says He will prove that humanities rebellion is in
>vein. Satan is determined to get revenge on God and all that belong to Him.
>Yeah God said vengence was His, but who has a right to determine what he is
>allowed to do? The Bible and usually the bible says God does, has, and will
>allow Satan to destroy the earth. Well, why am I telling you this? You have
>read the Bible or bible...
>It is all a matter of trying to look out of 3 dimensions, and out of what
>our minds can rationalize, or comprehend.
>>> I can't believe of all
>>>people, that you will only listen to one side of the issue. To bad, I
>>>thought I had met a scientist.
>>We explore both sides of an issue objectively and then make up our mind.
>>You can't determine the truth without testing the veracity of statements
>>doing a thorough examination of all the principals. We would be foolish to
>>accept just one version of an ancient book as the truth.
>If you do explore both sides of an issue objectively, and do a thorough
>examination of all principles, then why did you refuse and condemn the idea
>that you should look into anything titled Creation Science? Validity: A few
>creationists don't refer to the Bible or bible (although they should), if
>you don't want to hear about the Bible or bible. As a matter of fact, a vast
>majority of creation scientists are very well educated, and hold very
>prestegious degree's. (If you want a refrence, read Stahlers book "Science
>and Earth History", it is somewhere in the preface)
>Like you said, look into both sides of an issue, I am, I have spent hours at
>the library, and talking with a biology teacher and a nurse. I have been
>reading, researching, etc., and have even been looking into books you've
>>We only hope to dispell ignorance and ask people to examine their beliefs
>>thoroughly. If these beliefs can't stand up to such examination then
>>obviously there is something wrong with that system of beliefs or they are
>>untrue. Believing that something is true, doesn't make it true. There are
>>mental hospitals filled with people whose belief system is off.
>I agree with dispelling ignorance. I agree that religion and the bible have
>somewhat held some people in a state of ignorance. But I don't believe it
>was the only source of ignorance. Actually, if it weren't for religion,
>evolution would not be as strong as it is today! Charles Darwin ws a
>religios man at one time and was educated ny the catholic church. The father
>of taxonomy was a God fearing man, and the evolutionists have manipulated
>much of his work to support their cause.
>Yes, you are right, there are mental hospitals with people whose belief is
>off. Some are truly insane, or their ideas are too radical for this day and
>age. I ask you, if you wish to continue this transmission, what examination
>conflicts with the Bible not bible? I have been asked and shown many, and
>have studied the process of the examinations, and threats, and have always
>been able to find falisy in the attack. Evolution has no FACT to guide it,
>and therefore it cannot be used as a logical argument against the Bible and
>often times the bible.
>>Wishing you peace and enlightenment.
>Ditto. I am not trying to get you to agree with me. I am just trying to
>understand the rationalization of your hatred toward God, belief in humanism
>and evolution, and why you couldn't answer my original question. I agree
>that you have complete freedom to put stuff on the WWW, and by the same
>token I have the same freedom to prod your brain if you let me.
>Yes, I am attacking humanism, because I have not where or read when it has
>worked, only where and when it's principles have failed. On the contrary, I
>have seen God fearing societies (not religious societies), work. I am not
>against humans helping humans, I am not against having fun, and I am not
>against science, and neither is the Bible. Actually the Bible encourages
>people helping people, fun and science! I encourage Christians and non
>Christians alike to not rely on everything everyone says, but to test things
>yourself! The Bible encourages this view, and only requests that God is not
>is not left out. God is a matter personally, not a matter of religion, a
>church, or educators. Becuase God requires that people follow Him and not
>the church, religion or education or any religous leader. I have found that
>most people who objectively read the Bible, don't place their faith in any
>religion, but ultimately in God.
>Oh yeah, one more question, you wrote that I should look into unbiased
>places, that aren't non-profit. Is Rush Limbaugh okay? (HAHAHA)
>One last question: Who is allowed to define ignorance?
> Appreciating your response,
> In Him,
> -JDF-
>PS.: I know I was the original antagonist (by writing you first), therefore,
>if you wish me not to write anymore, just disregard this message.
>Also, I was asked by an aquantance of yours if he could post my stuff, so I
>thought I would tell ou the same: you are free to use any of my messages on
>your WWW site, wether for the good or the bad of my point of view. All I ask
>is that you do not manipulate my words or cut things short. You are also
>free to post my address if you wish to for some reason.