Re: virus: Re: my heart

Luree Dell-Bryan (
Thu, 26 Oct 95 11:28 PDT

>> >Have you considered that the Indians lived on this land for thousands of
>> years without polluting a stream, or destroying a rainforest, or causing the
>> extinction of any species. Perhaps their pagan gods were more benevolent
>> than your christian one?
>This is not completely true. There is evidence that many large
>herbivore species became
>extinct at the same time as the arrival of man in the Americas. The
>"Noble Savage" myth is somewhat exagerrated. Many native tribes have been
>guilty of excessive hunting and fishing once they had the technologoy to
>be able to do so.
>Duane Hewitt
Thank you. You are right. I guess any race that runs a thousand buffalo
off of a cliff just to get a bit of meat can't be considered
conservationists. Actually, this was just my attempt to bug a Christian
Fundamentalist who is concerned for my soul. I was hoping that David could
take care of him as he did so excellently with Fern Jeramiah.