Re: virus: xmas

John E.Mayer (
Sun, 24 Dec 1995 12:49:09 -0500

>So were the missionaries on to something? Though I've grown quite cynical
>about the crass commercialization that goes with Christmas, I'd hate to
>lose the parties and holidays that happen this time of year. Should Virus
>adopt a yuletide ritual, and if so, in what context?

Not a bad notion. The thread that unites all traditional holidays
for this time of year is the triumph of light over darkness, the
quickening of the human spirit which occurs when life has reached
its lowest point. Channukah is the "Festival of Lights", when the
lamps used in the rededication of the Temple after its desecration
burned for seven straight days on one day's worth of oil. At Yuletide,
the northern barbarians stationed a man to watch for the first point
of light above the mountains. The news that light had come again
into the world was relayed home, and the great yule log was ignited
in thanks to the gods. And of course the Saturnalia celebrated a
time of freedom and happiness which had passed away, but whose
return was still hoped for.
I'm afraid I'm too new to CofV to have a feeling for how to couch
those ideas, but perhaps someone can take this contextual ball and
run with it!
Papa John