RE: Question

Fri, 18 Aug 95 14:14:00 CDT

From: David McFadzean
Subject: RE: Question
Date: Friday, August 18, 1995 12:21PM

>At 12:43 PM 8/18/95 CDT, you wrote:

>>>It has nothing to do with spatial dimensions. Logic does not depend
>>>on space or time.

>>Then on what does it depend, the limitations of what our finite minds can

>Even though our minds are finite, they can still comprehend logic.
>You can postulate some other supernatural logic if you like, but
>you are living in a different reality then.

I am living in the same reality. Mine is just not confined...

>>>If God does not know fear as I know it, he doesn't know everything does
>>>That is the whole point.

>>You know what I meant...

>No, I don't. You have not answered my question.

Yes I have.

>>I don't see the relevance of fear, I am not afraid of anything.
>>Through God, all things can be made possible, that is the "logic".

>That is your logic, not mine, not reality's.

Who said your logic is realities? If it is then what is reality?

>>Is your logic limited to what you know? Or choose to know? Yes.

>No, science is logical but deals with the unknown. You don't have
>to give up logic in ignorance.

So you are saying you are ignorant.

>>Can you show me your consistant facts for or against Christianity or non
>>Christianity. Are we really more intelligent than our ancestors? Who

>Yes, I already have. A global flood is impossible. Stars are billions
>of light years away. You just choose to dismiss what I say.

What fact have you shown me? You just keep saying the same things over, and
I have given you a logical opposition...


>>what we call legend, may have really existed. Who has the right and with
>>what evidence can we say otherwise?

>Do you believe every legend you read? I don't.

I told you I don't. I don't believe everything in the book Origins, as a
matter of fact I disagree with most of it.

>>None have hurt my faith. If anything it strengthens it because I can see
>>where the Devil is working.

>Do you see the Devil in me?

No. I see he has blinded you.

>I think the Devil in Christian faith represents logic and knowledge, the
seeds of destruction of all faith.

Evolution is a faith. So now the Devil is the second law of thermodynamics.

The Devil is as real as God is, and doesn't care if you believe he is real
or not, he will drag you to Hell anyway (if you let him).

>>I see that you now understand that I walk on faith and not by sight,
>>appearances can be decieving. It is God who means everything, and His
>>word,which does not conflict with true science. As a matter of fact I have

>>only seen the principles in the Bible work. His word has never failed.

>>Am I upsetting you?

>Yes, I find it very frustrating that you pretend to have a conversation
>but ignore everything I say. I present evidence you ask for then you
>dismiss it without saying why or just ignore it.

What evidence have you shown? Who is dismissing who's idea's? Definately not
you right? I have been studying your ideas, and they don't prove anything.
Could you please give me unrefutable evidence?

>I feel like I'm trying to play a game of chess with someone who refuses
>to follow the rules. Why limit yourself to 3-dimensional finite rules
>of chess?

Because chess is a three dimensional game made by three dimensional people,
or did it evolve by natural selection too?

>When you play by your own rules, you always win, right?


I am enjoying this conversation, but if my wanting to know what drives you
to believe as you do is frusterating you then I will give you a rest.

Take care,
In Him,