RE: Question

Mon, 28 Aug 95 14:47:00 CDT

>>No it does not. The Bible says that the light was created first, and the
>>Bible is older than modern science so, I don't see any contradictions
>>oops kiss that pedastal good-bye.

>OK, so you believe God created the star's light before the star.
>Maybe he didn't create the stars at all, only the starlight. From
>your point of view it would be impossible to tell the difference.

Could be...

>>My knowledge is based on the Word of God, the only Truth and the
>>of truth. Your knowledge is for the dogs. many decades have been used to
>>research evolution and there is no evidence that is undisputed to support
>>evolution. If 200,000 "pre-historic" horses can be found in one single
>>locale, Lyons, France, should there not be millions of pre-historic human
>>(ape-men) to be found? No, the truth is that they never will be found, and

>>not a single one that fossil that has tried to prove evo. has been able to

>>stand undisputed!

>Why are you using fossil horses to disprove evolution? You are only
>undermining your own position.

I hate that tactic, especially since it doesn't work on me. There is no
logical or valid expaination is there?

>>As a Christian I should certainly hope that I have met more Christians
>>you! If you have met most Christians, then they have lied to you! Oh, and

>I didn't claim to do the survey myself. You did.

I haven't claimed anything. I just know from a lot of experience.

>>please name one prominent Christian that does not believe in Lucifer?

>William James.

Who is he? Your best friend? I haven't heard of him. If a Christian can say
that they don't believe in Lucifer and say they believe in the Bible, then
they are quite warped don't you think?

>>Christian means Christ like, there is no way on earth a person can
>>themselves Christ like and not believe in the existence of Satan. I
>>that you stop this argument, it could get you in trouble... I encourage

>Why would pursuing this argument get me in trouble?

You could end up stumbling on things that you don't want to.

>>to go to one of your local Baptist, Assembly of God or other Pentecosal
>>Churches and take a poll. I think that you will find that these Christians

>>know of the Devils existance.

>Perhaps Baptists aren't the only Christians.

Notice I mentioned Assembly of God (the following of which I am afilliated
with) and Pentecostals. They are the only true Christians, or are you now
defining Christianity for me to?

>>>What makes you think I haven't looked? The fact is that I have.

>>If you have you would have found Him. There is no fact to it, it is your
>>opinion that you have, if you are telling me the truth...

>The fact that I didn't find Him can also mean He doesn't exist.

You look for the sunrise in the west you won't find it, but does that mean
it doesn't exist, right?

>What if I told you that leprechauns really exist and the fact that
>you have never seen one just means you haven't tried hard enough?
>Would you believe me?

If you could tell me that you EXPERIENCED the three wishes, I wouldn't deny
it, but I could think you were lying. Besides you shouldn't use leprechauns,
because I could believe that they exist... Besides evidence for God is more
prominent than evidence for leprechauns...

In Him,