FW: Evolution and beneficial mutation

Tue, 29 Aug 95 13:39:00 CDT

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From: tcw3r
To: CRSnet (Creation Reflector)
Subject: Re: Evolution and beneficial mutation
Date: Tuesday, August 29, 1995 10:26PM

Bob Masziaz wrote:

>Is the 2-3 % that separates us from chimps mostly in the
>supposedly "junk"
>DNA, and if so, does that affect the speed at which such changes
>can accumulate ?

The 2-5% sequence distance between chimps and humans is a
genomic as well as genetic characteristic. Since the entire
genome has not been sequenced, other techniques (like
melting-point studies) have revealed an estimated 95-98%
sequence identity for the whole genome. Individual genes from
chimps and humans also demonstrate this same range of sequence
identity. So the sequence identity _seems_ to be randomly
encountered across the entire genome, not localized to "junk

Todd Wood