Babel - Languages - European Creationist Congress

Wed, 30 Aug 95 14:49:00 CDT

From: David McFadzean
Subject: Re: FW: Babel - Languages - European Creationist Congress
Date: Wednesday, August 30, 1995 10:21PM

>>>and a four modern languages. The major goal of his talk was to
>>>that modern languages, when compared to their ancient ancestor languages
>>>from which they derive, have in fact deteriorated over the
>>>last few thousand years and not evolved into something more sophisticated
>>>and developed which is what evolutionists would like to have.

>This is an example. Evolutionists do not predict that languages become
>more sophisticated over time. So the fact that ancient languages have
>more complex grammar doesn't say anything about the theory of evolution,
>for or against.

I was never saying wether it was for or against, I just thought you might be
interested, if not I won't send you any more. If you have a response that
you would like posted just let me know and I will post it for you.

To my knowledge a "straw man" argument is a weak one, if I am wrong,
"enlighten" me please. I still don't see what my idea of straw man is has to
do with anything, I am just sending you stuff I thought you might enjoy

In Him,