FW: Question

Wed, 30 Aug 95 16:27:00 CDT

From: David McFadzean
Subject: RE: Question
Date: Tuesday, August 29, 1995 14:51PM

02:47 PM 8/28/95 CDT, you wrote:

>>>Why are you using fossil horses to disprove evolution? You are only
>>>undermining your own position.

>>I hate that tactic, especially since it doesn't work on me. There is no
>>logical or valid expaination is there?

>Why doesn't it work on you? Do you have your own set of logic rules?
>There is a valid explanation why there are more horse fossils than
>human fossils: there were more horses.

I have seen no good solid explaination as to why?

>>>William James.

>>Who is he? Your best friend? I haven't heard of him. If a Christian can
>>that they don't believe in Lucifer and say they believe in the Bible, then

>>they are quite warped don't you think?

>No, Willam James is one of the most well-know Christian apologists of this

I haven't seen any of his materials in the book store. Besides, Christ new
Satan and even conversed with him, and that is what Christinaity is about.
(Matt. 4)

>Many Christians believe the bible is allegorical. They aren't Christians
>by your definition and we all know that you are the authority on who
>is and is not a Christian.

The Bible is an authority on who is a Christian. The first time Christians
were called Christians was in Antioch (Acts 11:26), Paul never mentions
allegory. I would suggest reading all of the four Gospels and Acts so that
you may understand true Christianity, shoot read the whole New Testament,
though you might want to gain an understanding of the Old Testament so that
you can understand some of the references and law.

>>>Why would pursuing this argument get me in trouble?

>>You could end up stumbling on things that you don't want to.

>Like what?

Okay, if you want to pursue go ahead.

>>>Perhaps Baptists aren't the only Christians.

>>Notice I mentioned Assembly of God (the following of which I am afilliated

>>with) and Pentecostals. They are the only true Christians, or are you now
>>defining Christianity for me to?

>You realize you are excluding most of the people in the world that
>call themselves Christians. They might ask you who makes you an authority.

Let them ask! A lot of people call themselves Christians, but I doubt they
are truly Christ like! And that is the meaning of Christian, the pursuance
of becoming Christ like! And in all honesty, a lot of people who call
themselves Christians are not going to make it to heaven, this can be found
all over the new testament, especially in Matthew 5:20, Matthew 7:21-23,
Revelation 16:15, Psalm 73.

>>You look for the sunrise in the west you won't find it, but does that mean

>>it doesn't exist, right?

>Right. So what am I doing wrong?

Psalm 73:1, Matthew 5:8, 1 Peter 5:6,7, Psalm 34:12-18....

>More people have experienced the Hindu gods than the Christian god.
>they must exist.

Really? Have you? I wouldn't doubt that a lot of people have experience the
Hindu gods. Probably more than the real God. But the Bible has an answer to
that, and is the only foundation that is flawless. A lot of people
experience Baal, or what they knew though was a god named Baal, made to be
what man wanted, but God proved Baal's inexistance when Elijah called down
fire from heaven and made fools of the Baal preists. This is the difference
in reality and experience I am talking about!

Gotta Go -Bye- JDF