FW: Rapid speciation

Thu, 31 Aug 95 14:02:00 CDT

"32. Vestigal Organs"

"The claim is made that the so-called rudimentary organs in the human
body such as the appendix, are the remenants of more complete organs
inherited from our animal ancestors. It is a strange argument that a once
complete useful organ in our alleged animal ancestors, when it become
atrophied in man, causes such an improvement and advance, as to cause man to
survive, when his ancestors when his ancestors with more perfect organs
became extinct. Man with less perfect organs became the dominant species. If
the perfect organ were better than the rudimentary organ, how can we be the
'survival of the fittest'? If rudimentary organs are a proof of descent from
animals with more extensive , if not more perfect, organs, then both man and
monkey would be descended from the rat, which has the longest proportionate
appendix of all. if unused muscles speak our ancestry, the horse has the
strongest claim to be our ancestor.
"But many organs, such as 'the thyroid gland, the thymus gland, and the
pineal gland," formerly classified as rudimentary organs, are found to be
very useful and necessary.
"Physicians have found the appendix very useful in preventing
constipation, which its removal usually increases. If we only knew enough,
we would, no doubt, discover benificial use for all the so-called vestigal
organs. Our ignorance is no argument against the wisdom of their creation.
The claim that human hair is vestigal is spoiled by the fact that there is
none on the back where most abundant on simians."

-Evolution Disproved-
Dr. William A Williams
(M.D. and Rev.) Cpr 1928