Virian Philosophy


The Meaning of Meaning and Life

What is the meaning of 'meaning'? The self-referential nature of the question makes it difficult to contemplate because any possible answer may change the question. The key is to arrive at a definition that not only describes our intuitive sense of what it means to mean something and corresponds with how the word is generally used, but also remains unchanged under its own definition. I believe I have discovered such a definition and it is surprisingly simple: meaning is identical to effect.

[The rest of the essay will reconcile previous accounts of semantics with the causality theory: denotation, connotation, usage. Semantics is then generalized from language to all events.]

Systemantics: Viral Metaphysics

[viral metaphysics is a combination of causal semantics and system theory a la the PCP]


Pancritical Rationalism and Evolutionary Epistemiology


The Virtue of Complexity

[Complexity is good for its own sake. Destroying complexity is evil.]

The Name of the Game

[The game is life and the name of the game is control.]


Art as Communication and Control

[Art is good to the extent that it communicates and influences.]

Evolution of Expression: Variation and Selection

[Everyone can and should participate in art, either by producing (introducing variation) or consuming (selecting through developing a personal taste).]

Ethics Virus Stance