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Tue, 25 Apr 1995 09:48:19 -0600

At 04:16 PM 4/25/95 +0200, wrote:
>On another note, was the domain name proposal,, a reference
>to the early Extropy article, "In praise of Satan"? It is an
>argument that Lucifer was a (the original?) mythical critical thinker.
>Hail Lucifer.

Exactly, it was reprinted in a recent issue. I think Lucifer must have
been the originator of "Think for yourself and question authority."

I think Sean has a point about the economy evolving to its present state
with government influence. It would be more "natural" (i.e. closer to
evolution before humans) if we created a new economy without top-down
authority instead of trying to alter the current one, and see how well
that did in global competition.

I guess both are forms of directed evolution, but I look at it from the
perspective of an artificial life simulation. The original programs
simulated a single organism trying to live in an environment. When it
died, it was altered and given another chance. Changes that caused it
to live longer were kept. More recent simulations model a population
of organisms competing for resources. The ones that live longer reproduce
more so evolution is automagic. I think it is pretty obvious that the
newer simulations are more "natural", at least in the sense I think
Duane was using.

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