Re: virus: New victim!

Todd M Kuipers esq (
Thu, 04 May 1995 12:12:27 -0600

>Whoo hoo! a new member has joined the cult. Todd, why don't you tell
>us about yerself?
Hi my name is Todd. I'm a member of the disaffected youth of todays lost
generation. I feel that I am aging way to bloody quickly and want it stop
right now. I like Beer and Reading, sometimes together sometimes not. I
also like Beer and Music (personally performed as well as recorded)
sometimes together sometimes not. I also like my wife, Sue, who is my best
friend and tends to make me a nicer person than I would be without her and Beer.

>Maybe the Virus page should have a form where anyone
>can enter, modify and browse bios?

yes! can I modify your bio David?

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