virus: Intelligence Drugs

Sean Morgan (
Mon, 8 May 1995 20:09:40 +0200

I presume that the premise of Virus is to take Joe Sixpack and turn him
into a rational human being. One vector is to intercept people who are
susceptible to memes such as Scientology and substitute Hubbard's meme
complex with our own.

However much of the Virus meme complex is contingent upon the host
having some minimum level of native intelligence. At the very least,
the more intelligent the host is, the greater the infection.

Many religions have dietary regulations as part of their complex. We
can use that approach to require Virions to consume intelligence
enhancing foods and food additives.

The more familiar affects of religion on diet are proscriptions: Jews
and Islamics not to eat pork, the latter not to consume alcohol,
Catholics (formerly) not to eat meat of any kind on Fridays and wider
proscriptions during Lent. However there is another class of food
rituals which are of the conscriptive variety: unleavened bread at
passover, turkey at Christmas, hot crossed buns and chocolate at Easter,
wafers and wine for communion.

OTOH, if the intelligence drugs come in the form of pharmaceuticals,
they could be consumed as part of a daily ritual, such as Hindus
performing ablutions, praying towards Mecca, saying Grace at dinner
time, now I lay me down to sleep...

Sean Morgan