Re: virus: 2 cool pages at same site

Sean Morgan (
Sun, 14 May 95 11:26:45 -0700

This message is in three parts:

1 of 3) Anders's (he has cool pages on Extropians, the Singularity,
Transhumanism etc.) "Weird Page" has a section on Weird religions.
No slur intended.

2 of 3) Here's the ref for Sling. Doubt the publisher info will be
much use since it's certainly out of print. The World's Largest Book
Store (which isn't) in Toronto didn't have it. Ken found a copy in a
used book store:

Steigler, Marc, "David's Sling", (science fiction), 1988, Baen Books
ISBN: 0-671-65369-5. This book describes a Zetetic Institute that
could be a model for Virus, and hypermedia collaborative decision
duels, It is also notable as being the first novel available as
hypertext. The Soviets are the bad guys -- nobody's perfect.

3 of 3) Maybe I am more rational than I thought (or at least, I have
purged some bad memes)... a few days ago I called a friend in
Montreal who I talked to every few months. As I picked up the phone
(no ring) it was him calling me. I have a witness. There is a point
to this..., I didn't think anything of it at the time, but later
realized that most people would have made a big deal about it, and
figured this was a qualification to start up a psychic's hotline.