Re: virus: Meeting this week?

Sean Morgan (
Sun, 21 May 95 21:39:27 -0700

These are NOT minutes. Just some random memes.

Why "Lucifer"? Check out, "In Praise of the Devil", in Extropy #4
( Unfortunately
the online document is missing at the moment.

If we take a stance that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was a(n) historical
figure, then we might want to clarify our position on debunking miracles,
to avoid confusion. We could point to the sci.skeptics FAQ
0.6.3: Why don't skeptics challenge religions?
3.11: Did Ezekiel See a Flying Saucer?
4.10: Does religious healing work?
4.11: What harm does it do anyway?
Creation versus Evolution [a whole section]

Virus takes a stand on polygamy?

We could use alternative to Christmas cards as a type of marketing
brochure/chain letter.

Bait/Hook/Threat: we could use the singularity (Virus takes a stand on
the singularity?) as a threat. If you don't join, it hurts your chances
of transcending. Also read as bait ("salvation"). David suggested a
more pedestrian threat, that you could otherwise waste your limited time
believing in falsehoods.

Atheism vs. Agnosticism: on rereading the virus lexicon I see that I
have no grounds for complaint.

Sean Morgan