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Todd M Kuipers esq (
Wed, 2 Aug 1995 11:33:21 -0600

>At 11:15 AM 8/2/95 -0600, Roger Giner-Sorolla wrote:
>>Alas, the fact that Virus so honestly calls attention to its memetic
>>mind-control nature means it is doomed to failure. All the successful
>>memes have evolved features to mask consciousness of their own influence
>>-- "free will," "cosmic heroism" and the like. An honest used-car
>>salesman sells fewer cards than a scamster, and believing in a religion
>>where everything is rationally explained is like kissing your sister.

Mind control? It seems to me that if I believe, I believe. Memes are
perpetuated ideas, they catch on or they die a quick death. VIrus isn't
mind control. If it turns out that the memes suck (meaning they are poorly
propagated) then Virus stays small. If this was mind control we'd already
be on the cult list.

>I don't expect Virus to be as popular as the delusionary religions,
>at least not for a long, long time. But there has to be some appeal
>to telling the truth, doesn't there? I believe Virus will be successful,
>not for numbers of followers, but for surviving as a viable religion
>long after the others have been confined to history books.

But if you ask any of the other religions they all maintain that they are
the only carriers of the truth. These people are not lying to you when they
tell you "you're gonna go ta hell fer that", they are telling the truth.
Virus' strength is in the dawning of truth via rationale and logic in the
minds of the converted, the next step above faith. But then again faith is
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