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Ken Kittlitz (
2 Aug 1995 12:23:32 -0400

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>advocate altruism (not that I believe it even exists). Deron said
>as much in his last message where he states "The danger is not
>that Herald readers will believe him -- they may, but they don't

Who is Deron?

>Without Virus, you will almost certainly become a victim of

Still not forceful enough. Working on the premises that:
a) Faith in an afterlife will only result in a person
ending up good and dead.
b) If immortality is to be achieved at all, it is through
rational inquiry directed towards improving

We arrive at the succinct statement:

"Join us or die."

I'm only half-joking here... the statement is probably too
likely to be seen as antagonistic, but then again: a threat
has to be a threat to be effective.