Re: virus: Bait, Hook and T

Todd M Kuipers esq (
Thu, 3 Aug 1995 11:13:34 -0600

> Reply to: RE>>virus: Bait, Hook and T
>>ah, but those with faith will end up good and dead and
>>generally full of hope...
>I think faith is largely a result of being in a bad earthly
>situation -- i.e., faith gives people who have little hope
>of improving their lives a reason to go on living. But if high
>tech allows people's lives to be improved dramatically,
>especially in ways that weren't thought to be possible
>"in this life", faith will be less likely to get ahold of them.
>And even those infected might start experiencing doubt...

Good point. Faith is an excellent panacaea.

There still exist a large number of people though who do believe they have
an meaningful and happy life who expect the next step to be nirvana. I've
had a good life because God likes me therefore I'm gonna get rewarded further.

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