virus: Concerning "Religious Monkeys"

Thu, 03 Aug 95 14:37:00 CDT

From: Luree Dell-Bryan
Subject: RE: Religious Monkeys
Date: Wednesday, August 02, 1995 15:03PM

I wrote:
>>If evolution has been taking place for
>>millions of years, shouldn't there be millions of slight variations in
>>species found in fossils? I mean as if they were many new species closely
>>enough related to the original one species as to be able to associate it,
>>yet different enough to reclassify it in it's own species. Basically, one
>>genus, thousands of species?

Luree wrote:
>Actually, some creatures evolve in a very short time span in
>order to survive. In fact, Scientists use the drosofila fruit fly in
>experiments because it can evolve in two weeks. The reason that there isn't
>a fossil record of every change is that many animals are too soft-bodied to
>leave permanent records.

Okay, one question though: Where are all of the thousands of inbetweens for
the genuses today? For instance shouldn't there be many stages of the house
cat living today? We only have a few breeds...

Once again thank you,
Take care,
Respons requested... Any questions? Answers?