RE: virus: What to do with fundamentalists?

Todd M Kuipers esq (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 02:40:49 -0600

Deron Wrote:

>Virus would no doubt become corrupt if it ever became a mass movement just
>as all previous enlightened movements have, but it could still potentially
>evolve to world domination in this altered form. Would that be considered a
>success? Is there a goal in mind?

Would it not be best to simply "convert" those who are in a position to
institute social change. Ignore the masses and infect the movers...

>I never envisioned Virus to be an evangelical religion. Does the lack
>of proselytizing put us at a severe disadvantage with religions
>that do?

are we trying to convert all? A religion that would attract me includes
minimal proselytizing, but an excellent example set by the people who
subscribe to its ideals.

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