virus: Schisms and Goals

Luree Dell-Bryan (
Thu, 10 Aug 95 10:10 PDT

For me:
- Inner Peace knowing a rational existance can be had on this planet.
- Improved life style by associating with rational people
- glee at the destruction of institutionalized religeon

A sad tree newt

Sounds good to me!

WOW Guys! I was really impressed with the way you handled Fern Jeremiah's
arguments. I think we should encourage fundamentalist participation. It
makes for interesting dialogue. How about inviting the Creationists to join
Church of Virus - or at least send us a representative.

After visiting Ken Kittlitz' page, I was surpriesed to learn that he is a
graduate of the University of Calgary (as myself). That campus must breed
heretics! While I was a student, I was fortunate enough to hear Madalyn
Murray-O'Hair, founder of American Atheists. Has anyone else heard her
speak? She is trying so hard, through legal methods, to make churches
accountable for the money and tax exemptions they receive.