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At 08:18 PM 8/29/95 -0400, davis wrote:

>The tougher part of the "Law of Thelema" is the second line-
>"Love is the Law; Love under will."
>Crowley wrote reams on the relation of Love Law and Will, and did indepth
>phenomenologic analysis on their "meanings". Not being a Thelemite
>myself the analyses of the phrase are eligant and intriguing, but what
>they "mean" in the universe is all thought and little action.
>Your thoughts?

I found a good introductory web page for Thelema:

As far as I can tell, Aleister Crowley was on drugs when he wrote
The Book of the Law, though I could be missing something. Nevertheless
I can see why his pseudo-scientific treatment of magick would have
wide appeal, people generally enjoy rituals and like the idea of
secret societies possessing ancient knowledge. His system also seems
remarkably tolerant:

" accommodates a full range of beliefs, from atheism to polytheism. The
important thing is that each person has the right to fulfill themselves
through whatever beliefs and actions are best suited to them (so long as
they do not interfere with the will of others), and only they themselves are
qualified to
determine what these are."

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