virus: Re: De-lurk

William Carr (
Sep 17 1995 03:53:45 AM


I've been lurking here for 2 months or so, and decided to finally
come out of the shadows. I've really been enjoying the list. 3 or
4 months ago I bought a copy of "River Out of Eden" and read it
straight through. It was absolutely beautiful. I immediately went
out and bought a copy of "The Selfish Gene". About half-way through
the book I happened upon your Web page. Needless to say, I was
pleasantly surprized. Now I am thoroughly and irreversably infected
with the Dawkins meme.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that if you need any artwork done
I'd be happy to volunteer my services (I really like the logo, BTW).
If you'd like to see the kind of work I do, check out the Web page
mentioned in my .sig.


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