virus: Book list addition

Andy Cheyne LL (
Mon, 9 Oct 95 16:03:54 -0400

Here's a book I don't find in the current reading list that I'm finding
very illuminating:

"Prisoner's Dilemma" by William Poundstone (Doubleday, 1992; Oxford
University Press, 1993)

It's an account of the genesis of game theory, in parallel with the
closely linked history of the cold war arms race. In particular, it zooms
in on the contribution of von Neumann to all this mularkey.

I can't spot a category in the Book List that quite fits - certainly, the
background on Game Theory is an important element in Artificial
Intelligence, but the nearest that I can come to a categorization for
this book is "Theoretical Politics, or Politically Applied Mathematics".