Re: virus: Hegelian rot

David McFadzean (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 17:27:01 -0600

At 12:20 PM 10/19/95 -0700, T. Harms wrote:

>My opening question is, if you folk know so much (and you do; your pointers
>are awesome) how come you characterize Church of Virus as Hegelian?

That wasn't exactly the intent. I describe Virus as a Hegelian synthesis
because it attempts to combine two formerly opposed ideas: religion
(the thesis) and evolution (the antithesis). "Hegelian" is supposed to
describe the kind of synthesis, not Virus itself.

>Sheesh, that's a pointer to the outhouse hole. Hasn't anybody read "The
>Open Society and its Enemies" by Karl Popper? Or at least skimmed it?

I haven't but I'd appreciate it if you clue me in.

>Evolutionary (pan-critical) rationalism is so entirely foreign to Hegelian
>philosophy, perhaps you will understand my exasperation.

As I understand Hegel's dialectic, it is supposed to describe how
ideas evolve over time, by alternating cycles of conflict and
collaboration. Though his idea of ultimate progress is decidedly
antiquated, I don't think his philosophy is entirely foreign to PCR.

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