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Alexander Chislenko (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 23:40:23 -0700

I post rather frequently on several mailing lists and newsgroups,
mostly on grand-scale futurology, evolution, philosophy and high tech
issues, and sometimes forward my messages to other lists and selected
people who I think may appreciate them.

Now I decided to create a mailing list for this purpose, and am
inviting people who want to make sure they do not miss my posts, to
subscribe to it.
People who do not subscribe, I will not bother anymore.

Actually, I am creating two lists: "Sasha all" for all my
writings that I consider to be of any public interest (this will
amount to maybe 1 or 2 messages a day on average), and "Sasha best"
that will have fewer selected pieces. "Best" messages will also be
sent to the "all" list.

Subscription commands are really simple: send a message to
with one of the following commands in the subject line:

sub sasha all
sub sasha best
unsub sasha all
unsub sasha best
help sasha all - update of this message
help sasha best

If you read all lists and newsgroups where I post anything, you may
not want to get on this list, as you would just get most of the texts twice.

All messages on my list will be public (i.e. you may share them
with anybody you want) unless explicitly stated otherwise.

If you haven't read anything I've written so far, I suggest that you
do not subscribe to this list, but visit my home page and read my
essays first. Or request them by e-mail. The essays reflect my ideas
better and are better written than many small messages, so it would
be better use of your time.

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