virus: Misc Questions

David Leeper (
Fri, 27 Oct 95 18:37:00 PDT

Virus Folks,

I've really enjoyed the short time I've been on this list. Thanks for all
the stimulating ideas. I do, however, have a few questions about Virus.

1) How does art fit into the Virus point of view. I've seen lots of
intellectual postings, but nothing else. Are there drawings, songs or poems
which talk about the Virus point of view? How much of the human psyche does
Virus intend to infect?

2) When Virus says it's a religion, what does this mean? How does Virus'
definition of religion differ from what most people call a philosophy?

3) Other than evolving, what are Virus' goals? Is Virus just a place to
talk about memes? To use the terms of Aliester Crowley, what is Virus'

In closing, its good to see folks who have much of the same outlook on life
that I do. Keep pushin'.

Dave Leeper,

P.S. I've received one mail message saying I don't need to include the
entire mail message I'm responding to. I know. I do this just in case
someone wants to read the full message I'm responding to. If this bothers
you, let me know. If it bothers enough people, I'll stop, otherwise I