Re: virus: RE:We got a Malthusian crisis here

Tyson Vaughan (
Sat, 28 Oct 1995 01:36:27 +0000

>>We are at
>>a point in history where a new kind of thinking is going to be required to
>>ensure our survival on this planet and beyond. Perhaps THAT is a motivation
>>for bringing Virus to the masses.

>GIVE ME A BREAK. The world is not going to be saved by a few dozen folks
>posting strange stuff on the net.

That was sort of the point.

>Besides, the world doesn't need to be
>saved. Our genes have everything under control. Our memes will be hard
>pressed to overthrow that control.

Perhaps the world doesn't need to be saved. But if we are the most powerful
and only sentient species on the planet, we should exercise some kind of
ecological responsibility.

Surely you are aware of certain data which indicates possibly catastrophic
dangers to the biosphere and to humanity. Even if the world is in tip-top
shape, it's difficult to ignore the fact that the vast majority of our
fellow human beings are living in poverty. Forget cars, Armanis and
consumer electronics. A significant portion of our species has a difficult
enough time finding something to eat on a regular basis. We have evolved
genetically from a history in which our largest social group was a village
or perhaps a tribe. Even with our phenomenal minds which allow us to adapt
so readily to almost any environment, we are becoming a collectively
schizophrenic species. We are simply not built to live in communities of
BILLIONS. (Please forgive any implication of evolutionary purpose or design
in that statement!) If we do not alter our meme-complexes radically

One more point. I care about my memes. I don't give a damn what my genes
say, except as they are indirectly represented in my memes. One meme of
mine is that you fight for what you believe is right to the end. If that
means going up against my own genes, the product of almighty Evolution,
then so be it.

I always liked Norse mythological heroes better than Classical ones because
the Classical ones didn't really do anything. I mean, if I had all the help
Aeneas had from the Gods, *I* could have founded Rome, too. The Norse
heroes, on the other hand, faced certain doom. Yet they persevered in their
efforts. I think that, even though there is no Ragnarok, we should adopt a
similar determination.

Hope I haven't wandered too far from the discussion!

Tyson Vaughan
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