virus: Re: Minds & Memes

David Leeper (
Mon, 30 Oct 95 13:25:00 PST

>>We're just looking at the world and discussing what we see. As a final
>>suggestion, look at
>>the world. Can you see how a car is an evolution of the meme (but not
>>called Horse"?
>>-Dave Leeper
>I can see how one might think of it in this way, but it seems more
>to think of it as a matter of someone applying mechanics/engineering to the
>need for transportation instead of applying animal taming/breeding/training
>solving the same problem.

I agree. I'm just saying that "car" and "horse" are examples of the
evolution of the meme "transportation". Also, the example clearly shows the
difference between genes and memes. "Car" and "Horse" share a certain meme
hieritage, but not a genetic hieritage.


Dave Leeper