Re: virus: Re: FAQ ideas

Andy Cheyne Service-LL (
Tue, 7 Nov 95 12:04:45 -0500

>>>How does art fit into Virus?
>>To me, art is part of any religion. Perhaps we should begin an art
>>collection which reflects Virus' values.
>I notice that you are not exhorting people to CREATE such art, but
>that we should collect art that falls into this description. Wise choice
>words. I am extremely leery of "art" that is created expressly to exalt
>particular meme-complex. Reminds me too much of totalitarian states.
>to mention the fact that I don't think it produces very good art, as a
>general rule.
>Art that reflects the value of pancritical rationalism? Weird.

I, too am uncomfortable with the general notion of "art" that is
expressly comissioned to act as propaganda. However, I would be very
happy if the memes of Virus became the source of inspiration for art - in
parallel to the manner in which the memes of Christianity inspired JS
Bach and so on. But it is very dangerous to try to engineer and direct
this sort of inspiration.