Re: virus: PHIL: Maxims

David McFadzean (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 10:36:27 -0700

At 12:06 PM 11/6/95 -0800, Twirlip of Greymist wrote:
>"The universe consists of void and atoms, teeny and mostly indivisible
>particles which are constantly in motion and somewhat attracted to each
>other, and which are spontaneously ordered into complex patterns by the
>selection of mutated generations, the selection being by the criteria of
>which patterns can successfully reproduce the most.
>The rest is details."

I like the idea of starting with a metaphysical position statement, but
this one raises a lot of questions. If the universe is all that exists
and it consists of void and atoms, then do physical forces exist?
Does this preclude the existence of memes too? It wouldn't look good
for us to deride other religions for postulating supernatural entities
when the basis of our religion doesn't exist either. What exists?

I also think we should separate a statement about the pervasiveness of
evolutionary processes into its own maxim.

>Yeah, it's kind of dogmatic, but anything of this nature will be. I
>think this might center people much more than "everything is

I still think that it is all-important but I'm willing to make it
the last maxim rather than the first.

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