virus: Hyperbolic Growth

Eric Hardison (
Sat, 18 Nov 1995 05:03:06 -0400

On 17 Nov 95 at 14:24, Luree Dell-Bryan wrote:

> Amazingly, scholars, who have predicted world-wide famine due to
> over-population, have been proven wrong time after time. I understand
> that the population density of the state of Massachsetts is many times
> higher than the impoverished Zimbawbe and yet Mass. can feed its
> population. This would indicate that memes are of major importance.
> Socialist countries can not feed themselves but when they allow a free
> market system, food production soars.

Still, the world can only support so many people. In nature, predators
have the smallest populations. Man kind is the biggest predator this
world has ever seen. We have consumed to the point of extinction and
scarcity in a hundred years what geological and biological processes have
been creating for eons. Huge forests destroyed, animals forced to
extinction and thousand more endangered. Endangered by what? By man.

Entire ecosystems are completely out of whack because of mainly one
thing: human overpopulation. Technology has made it possible for humans
to rape this planet. And it can make an inevitable barren wasteland
possible for your future as well. I'm not arguing against technology. It
is neither right nor wrong, but man's use of it so far has been wrong.
Technology should make our lives easier, better, _simpler_. It should not
pollute and destroy the world. In short, in should be used responsibly.
If population would decrease by 4 billion, then education, standard of
living and quality of life would all dramitically increase. At the same
time, pollution and destruction of the world and its ecosystems would
fall to _absorbable_ levels.

I think that one meme that virus drastically needs to spread for the
sake of the future is population control. People need to employ "long"
(distant future) thinking in combination with "wide" (near future)
thinking. Within a few generations we could drastically reduce the
population, giving the future a wonderful gift: a healthy world.

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