Re: virus: Re: where did it all come from?

Janet Taylor (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 09:50:09 -0600

>With regard to Tyson's response to David's response to me:

>>>This amorphous soup where we all began--where did it come from?
>>The ocean. But a step or two beyond that, all matter comes from stars.
>> When a star goes super-nova is spews matter out into the universe. This
>>eventually becomes solar systems. In other words, as surely as we are
>>childern of the apes, we are living, self-aware childern of the stars. We
>>are descended from stars.
>David, I think Janet is trying to get at the root cause of all these
>things. She is asking what humans have asked as long as they've been able.
>Janet is having difficulty conceptualizing a universe without a cause.
>Hardly an uncommon problem, especially for Westerners. I'm guessing from
>your reply that you are implying such a universal history. There was no
>ultimate cause. It just happened. (Which reminds me of an amateur
>theologist's argument that "'Just happened' is what I call God" -- from the
>documentary film Vernon, Florida.)
>Note that there is a difference between not having a root cause and not
>having a beginning.
Yes, I am struggling with the concept of "no beginning". If we talk about
stars beginning, being around, then exploding, and creating new stars, I
am back to my initial question. Help!

(Sorry if I'm behind. I just got back from a week at DisneyWorld. Even
though I don't know the meaning of life, it was a wonderful distraction!)