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Barry Miller (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 20:15:54 -0500

My name is Barry Miller. I am a second year undergrad student at =

Brown University double concentrating in philosophy and cognitive =

science. From what I've seen, I have a strong tendancy to agree with =

the ontological stance advanced by your web site. =

A few observations on your reading list and some of your =

philosophical synopsis:

1. I think you give to much credit to Daniel Dennet throughout your =

site. He's sold a lot of books, but his ideas are in many cases ill =

considered. His valid observations on the nature of intellectual =

evolution are better explained by Douglas Hoffstadter in *The Mind's =

I* and *G=F6del, Escher, Bach*. For the most part, Dennet's function =

in the philosophical discourse is to reduce the more profound =

observations by more compotent intellectuals (e.g. Hoffstadter, =

Davidson, Searle, Kripke, Nagel) on central and timely issues to a =

level that anyone with enough money to buy a book can understand.

2. Your synopsis of the history of philosophy needs some work. If =

nothing else, it shouldn't be hard to find somewhat objective links =

to other sites where the works of philosophers you mention but do =

not explain are expounded upon. The same applies to most other =

sections of your site. =

3. You overlook some important scholars that would be conducive to =

your position of advocacy. Alan Watts is the first example that =

comes to mind; I strongly recommend adding *The Two Hands of God* to =

your reading list. It may also be of value to include influences of =

a more artistic and slightly less self important nature. The works =

of Wm. S. Burroughs and Mark Leyner are invaluable to an exploration =

of this sort of perspective in the modern context.

I may be able to help you expand the content of your cite if you =

are interested. I am fairly well versed in various philosophies, =

eastern religions, cognitive science and psychology. I also have =

some experience with graphic design and manipulation.

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