virus: where did it all come from?

Eric Hardison (
Thu, 23 Nov 1995 02:44:28 -0500

On 20 Nov 95 at 9:50, Janet Taylor wrote:

> Yes, I am struggling with the concept of "no beginning". If we talk
> about stars beginning, being around, then exploding, and creating new
> stars, I am back to my initial question. Help!

Well, don't expect science to solve your problem in your near future.
Astronomers and physicist can trace things all the way back to
milliseconds before the beginning, but then their laws begin to break
down and they can't make sense of it. Is everything dependent on time or
not? Does time exist as a fundamental, or was it created out of the
complex interactions of simpler laws? Science needs a way to combine
quantum mechanics with general relaitivity in a new super theory that can
exist without time as a frame of reference in order to even begin to make
sense of those first moments. It's clear that such a theory will require
a complete rethink on much of what we know on the fundamental level, and
in so doing it may lead to the answer to the question of creation. How
does something come from nothing? we may find out that we weren't even
asking the right questions.

For now, maybe you should be content to live with the unkown. The hope
of one day understanding is enough to keep me going. In the mean time,
like you said, life offers so many wonderful distractions.

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