Re: virus: Observations on Virus

David McFadzean (
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 11:00:23 -0700

At 03:48 PM 26/11/95 -0600, josh bradley wrote:

> I realize that I'm in no position to make this observation, but I
>feel it will be beneficial to the Church of the Virus. Now that the Church
>of the Virus is spreading I feel that the name of our domain should be
>changed. I realize that when virus began it was somewhat fanatical but if
>we want to be taken seriously we can't have a domain name like
>We are atheists, not satanists! There is already a popular misconception
>that atheism equals satanism and a name like justs prolongs this
>misunderstanding. This is just a bit of constructive criticism that I felt
>might help our organization.

Thanks for the suggestion. I understand that many people associate the
name Lucifer with the devil (even though there is no explicit connection
in the bible) and this cuts out a portion of Virus's potential market.
However I honestly like the mythological connotations associated with
Lucifer, he was the first angel to think for himself and question
authority and I think Virus would do well to be associated with the
'Bringer of Light'.

That said, I will be perfectly willing to change the domain name if
someone can come up with a better one that is available (easier said
than done!).

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