virus: Meaning O' Life II, Starring Brad Pitt

David Leeper (
Mon, 27 Nov 95 14:58:00 PST

Reply to JT:

>Thanks for the response, and the offer to get the Meaning of Life question
>answered with ONLY six months of apartment cleaning; however, I still
>think you dodged the drug question by assuming that all drugs encourage
>procreation and socialization. Many drugs do just the opposite. I will
>concede that if a drug encourages those two actions, then it fits with the
>Darwinian gene theory, but I'm still lost as to the explanation for
>anti-social drugs.

I can't answer the genetic or memetic reasons for doing _any_ type of drug.
I simply don't have that broad a range of experience. However, people
usually start taking drugs in social situations. Later, the use of drug X
may cause addiction and anti-social behavior, but its use still began in
social situations.

>Let me know how large your apartment is, and how good the answer is, and
>I'll consider the proposition. I REALLY would like to know why it matters
>if we do "good" or "evil" while we're on this earth.

Smarter folks than I have broken many a lance on the "good" and "evil"
battlefield. Beyond not being able to answer your question about whether it
matters if we do good or evil, I can't even give an answer as to what good
and evil are ( but I have a feeling Kathy Lee Giford is _very_ evil.)

I look at the whole situation like this: We all have an "inner truth", we
know what we believe in, how we want to treat people and so on. Following
this inner truth is good, not following it is evil. That's the best answer
I can give.


P.S. My stint here at Sybase is over. So I'll be off the list until I get
another internet connection (hopefully at home). So long and thanks for all
the fish.