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David McFadzean:
/At 08:02 PM 04/12/95 -0800, Twirlip of Greymist wrote:

/>Not that remarkable. I haven't caught Virians babbling about a "God
/>force" causing all of us to become more "Godlike", or saying that the

/ The "big questions" listed are:
/ What is going on?
/ Why am I the way I am?
/ Who am I?
/ What is my purpose?
/ What is the future?
/ How should I live?
/ What should I keep in mind?
/I couldn't help but notice the similarity to the Virus introduction
/where I have a section introduced with:
/ What is out there?
/ What is going on?
/ What does it all mean?
/ Why am I here?
/ What should I do?
/Given that I had never seen The Truth page before last week, and assuming
/he didn't copy Virus, you have to admit the resemblance is at least
/superficially remarkable.

Uh, no. The fact that you both have "what is going on?" is the only
thing that jumps out, and by itself it could well be dull coincidence.
Both lists are trying to be lists of Important Questions of the sort
religion is said to answer, and there isn't much variety there. Basic
teleology and philosophy, I'd say. Maybe the fact that I've seen a role
playing game with its own list of questions has jaded me. I'd say the
most unusual question in either list is your "what is out there?"

/ No, I consider Virus to be the first tranhumanist *meta-religion*. The

I still think Virus is more accurately described (using definitions more
widespread than its own) as an anti-religion, a meme-complex intended to
grab the receptors of ordinary religion, but rather distinct in quality
from the current field. (In light of which please keep the biohazard
and "Virus". Yes they're slightly silly. I consider that a virtue. My
philosophy leads straight away to despair and Ragnarok if you don't keep
a sense of humor, possibly twisted.)

/ . The Truth is obviously meant to be believed in (although it
/ is a bit weak as a religion).

Agreed on both counts. And it needs far more belief than Virus does at
the moment.

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