Re: virus: Morality

Bill Godby (
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 17:04:16 -0500

John Steele wrote:
> Where doesn morality come from? Can atheists be moral?

One might also ask where does culture come from? Moral beliefs, ethical
beliefs, cosmological beliefs, religious beliefs, etc. arise from social
cirsumstance, they are produced and ever changing. The difficulty in
addressing such questions lies in the implication that their is a
universal definition and that somewhere their must exist a "written
in stone" defintion as such. I would argue, as I implied earlier,
that morality is defined by society and since society is ever
changing so is morality (and viruses). The concept of morality has
nothing whatsoever to do with religion, nor does atheism. This is not to
say that religous beliefs do not affect the construction of morality in
a society since religious beliefs certainly contain moral precepts, but
they do not define them as such. Ultimately if one considers the "big
picture" it is clear human societies by necessity contain a "morality"
since it functions to maintain the greater whole, keeping the raping and
pillaging to a minimum. Beyond that the question of what is
moral always seems to be debatable.