Re: virus: Morality

Bill Godby (
Wed, 28 Feb 1996 15:13:19 -0500

Andy Cheyne Service-LL wrote:

> Being something of a misanthropist, I don't trust people to behave in
> ways which enable me to continue in my relatively pleasant, stable,
> semi-intellectual mode of existence without their being constrained to do
> so. That apart, though, I think a society with some measure of order
> provides the best chance for intellectual endeavour to flourish, and I
> think that measure of order is best ensured by a the people within it
> generally agreeing on the moral parameters. (This begs the question, I
> know, of whether intellectual activity and progress generally are Good
> Things - and it's getting a little late in the day here in England for me
> to start wrangling with myself over such matters!)
> Andy C

Isn't there something very facistic about the idea that some constrant (order) be imposed to
allow for "intellectual endevour" to be fully realized? Aren't morals sometimes used in a very
repressive way? Consider all of the art that has been banned under the premise of it being
"immoral". Did not those who banned it, representing the majority, feel that they were insuring
order as well as morality?

Bill Godby