Re: virus: RE: virus, Abortion, etc.

John Steele (
Sat, 16 Mar 1996 16:05:42 -0600


>Correct me if I'm wrong. One thing that I'm getting from some of your
>recent postings is that the "meaning of life" is the drive to get one's
>DNA into the next generation. Do you feel that this drive is always
>present in human beings, even if only on a unconscious level?

Yes, but only subconsciously. And this is the thrust of Evolutionary
Psychology, as I understand it. Since at least one other person on this
list is reading The Moral Animal I have started to read it again to
refresh my memory. Hopefully more will join in, and there will be enough
of us over the next couple of weeks to enjoy an engaging debate. (There
are parts towards the end that I need help with.)



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